You Won't Believe What Happens to a Chocolate Bunny if You Pour Hot Aluminum on It

You Won't Believe What Happens to a Chocolate Bunny if You Pour Hot Aluminum on It

First: Get a fierce sugar-high going from a giant pile of Easter candy. Next: Watch this video.

By The Feast Staff

Seeing all that Easter candy in supermarket aisles apparently brings out a sadistic streak in a certain type of person. Or maybe it's sugar-induced psychosis—but whatever the reason, this YouTuber has decided to pour hot molten aluminum on top of a chocolate Easter bunny and see what happens.

Over the course of a minute and five seconds, you watch as the hot metal runs all over the poor little (albeit non-sentient) creature. And what happens to the chocolate rabbit?

The molten aluminum barely makes a dent. Should this make you question whether you should be eating this thing, if even hot metal can't destroy it? Probably, but check out the comments for alternative explanations of what's really happening here.

This bunny experiment recalls another recent stunt in which molten copper got dumped on top of a Big Mac.

If this form of scientific inquiry gets your juices flowing, check out Let's Melt This's YouTube channel for a whole array of pyromaniac adventures, which include pouring hot metals over everything from waffles to steak. And then there's Backyard Scientist's attempt to pour molten aluminum into a watermelon. This one is pretty wild:

Meanwhile, pardon us while we get back to stuffing our faces with Easter chocolate. 

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