"Tindstagramming" is a New Dating Trend You Need to Know About

"Tindstagramming" is a New Dating Trend You Need to Know About

Do you have any unwelcome suitors sliding into your DM?

By Jen Glantz

Why does it seem like almost every month there’s a new dating phrase that’s passed around the Internet, your friend’s conversations at brunch, or even between you and the person you’re casually seeing?

That’s because dating apps make people date differently. From ghosting, where you ignore someone you’ve been seeing or talking to, to Bread-Crumbing, where a person sends you a series of compliments, only to never make plans to see you again. to the very latest trend, Tindstagramming.

It’s a mouthful to say, but this month’s dating term is something you shouldn’t roll your eyes at, and instead, take seriously, because it has to do with your online privacy.

A while back, when Tinder first arrived on the dating scene, the app only let you connect, chat, and creep on people who you swiped right to, and they swiped right to you. It was a mutual way of saying, “I sort of dig you, let’s chat.”

But back in 2015, the app made some changes that now allowed users to link their Instagram account to their profile, so that a) people could see more pictures of that person and b) Instagram stalk them before deciding whether or not to swipe right.

Because of that Tindstagramming began, which is defined as “The act of sneaking into someone’s Instagram DMs after failing to match with them on Tinder,” giving the people you reject on the app another way to reach out and say, “Come on, give my shirtless selfie self another chance!”

If you’ve had this happen to you before, you may feel as though your internet privacy has been compromised, since what could start out as a DM message from a Tinder reject, could turn into them finding you on other social media platforms, Google searching to find your email, and dare I say it, your place of work, or home address (that is if that information is listed online).

So if Tindstagramming is a word that makes you uncomfortable to say and even more uncomfortable to watch happen in your own dating life, you could say goodbye to the app and instead use another one that’s more private or you could simply unlink your Instagram profile, leaving the dating pool the only option but to decide whether you’re the person for them based on four or five carefully curated pictures.

Just hope people on Tinder don’t pull a “Catfish” on you and reverse image search your photos to figure out exactly who you are.

So what is the only fail-safe way to stay safe with online dating? Quit and try offline dating instead.

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