Would You Offer to Carry Someone Else's Baby? There Are Some Unexpected Pros and Cons

Would You Offer to Carry Someone Else's Baby? There Are Some Unexpected Pros and Cons

You're going to want to watch this debate.

By Laura Rosenfeld
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Eva Amurri Martino Gets Real About Pregnancy, Miscarriages, and Hungover Parenting

Surrogacy is a hot topic when it comes to pregnancy these days. We mean, when Kim Kardashian, aka one of the biggest celebrities in the world, has confirmed that she's expecting her third child via surrogate, how could it not be? 

Of course, surrogacy is a totally normal and legitimate way for families to welcome a little one into the world. But if someone asked you to carry their child, especially if that person was a family member of yours, how would you react? (Kris Jenner did offered to carry Kim K's third child, after all...)

That's one of the many questions an esteemed panel of experts ponders in the latest episode of Personal Space. The writer behind the lifestyle blog Happily Eva After Eva Amurri Martino, comedian John Murray, and Dr. Bradley Trivax of Reproductive Specialists of New York join host Greta Titelman to discuss all things babies, from what age women may want to start freezing their eggs to all the ways you can make a baby to what to do with the placenta after you've given birth. And yes, consuming it yourself is an option. 

Check out the full episode above to get answers to all of your burning questions about babies. But, of course, you'll probably have more queries once your youngster arrives.

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