What to Put On Your Wedding Registry If You Already Have Everything, AKA, You're Rich

What to Put On Your Wedding Registry If You Already Have Everything, AKA, You're Rich

Don't go asking for toasters or anything.

By Jen Glantz
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5 Ways to Be a Great Wedding Guest

All parties should have registries attached to them so your guests can get you exactly what you want/need. That may be perhaps the greatest thing about your wedding, you can pick out the presents, have your guests click a few buttons, and the items are shipped to your doorstep before you even say "I do."

So when you're in the process of picking out what to put on your registry and start to realize you have every single thing you need, or you're just rolling in dough, there are other options available to your guests so they can still give you, or someone else, a gift in celebration of your vows.

Skip out on registering for kitchen appliances, like blenders and coffee makers, and instead register for the unique things below:

1. Honeymoon plans

Take the honeymoon adventure of your dreams, on your guests' tab. You can create a registry just for your honeymoon, having people fund your plane tickets, accommodations, and even excursions while you are there.

2. Charity

You can take the approach of having your guests donate the cash that they would have given you to a charitable organization or philanthropic project or cause that you're rooting for. Heartful.ly is a registry that helps you register so that your guests can give to the charity of your choice.

3. A house

If you think weddings are expensive, try buying a house. If you've blown your savings account on your big celebration, you can create wedding registry or fund on your wedding registry where guests can donate toward a down payment on a future house. You may not be planning on buying a home right this second, but when you are ready to, it'll be a comforting moment knowing you have some cash in the bank to help you out.

4. Gift cards

Since cash can get lost or you may find yourself sweating over how to use the money you do get, you may want to register for gift cards from specific stores or brands you find yourself shopping at all the time. Plus, it's easier to use these to regift other people in the future, for Christmas gifts or even wedding gifts where you don't want to write a check or get them anything off their registry (or when nothing is left on their registry).

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