What "Vacation" Means to Anthony Bourdain, Whose Job Is the Ultimate Bucket-List Trip

What "Vacation" Means to Anthony Bourdain, Whose Job Is the Ultimate Bucket-List Trip

That feeling when "getting away" is work.

By Alesandra Dubin

Anthony Bourdain is a certainly a contender for occupant of the world's best job. In his role as professional eater and jetsetter, he travels to the globe's most far-flung corners just about all the time.

So what does it mean when a guy like that wants to take an actual vacation?

Well, first of all, sometimes he wants to go where nobody knows his name (or at least they don't act like it, if they do).

"I go out to Long Island — because I can drive there — to an area of the Hamptons that none of the cool people go to and I never see anyone I know," he told The Boston Globe. "It’s all golfers and people who could care less whether I’m walking down the street. Nobody bothers me."

Beyond that, it's a place that's close to home — and family. "I can drive there. My daughter loves it. I travel for a living, so I go to a lot of beautiful beaches, and beautiful countries, and stare out at a lot of spectacular vistas," he said.

In short? "For me, a vacation is going out and shopping at the little farmstands, and making a big meal for my daughter, my ex, and my houseguests," Bourdain said.

Bourdain's Boston Globe interview also provided a wealth of additional travel and food tips and info. For instance, he shared that his "guilty pleasure" food while traveling is something he considers "really disgusting, shameful."

He also shared the "key tipoff" that you're eating at the "wrong place" when you're traveling to a popular destination abroad, as well as the go-to vacation food he swears by.

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