What Victoria’s Secret Angel Martha Hunt Eats Before a Runway Show May Surprise You

What Victoria’s Secret Angel Martha Hunt Eats Before a Runway Show May Surprise You

Plus, her go-to workout playlist.

By Hilary Sheinbaum
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Consider Martha Hunt a Victoria’s Secret Runway pro. The 26-year-old has been walking in the world-famous spectacular since 2013. While this year's event isn’t the North Carolina native’s first rodeo, she’s still super enthused to strut in a couple of weeks. “I’m really excited about the show being in China," Hunt shared with The Lookbook

We caught up with the supermodel as she worked up a sweat in preparation for the big production (in a VS Angel Max Sport Bra, of course) at Ballet Beautiful in New York City. “In general, I think working out is good for everybody, not just for physical reasons, but for mental reasons as well,” noted the blonde beauty. “It’s really important to connect your mind and body and continue to do exercises that challenge you, because that’s when you see the best results.” We couldn't agree more. (Check out her fitness playlist here.)



Read on for our exclusive chat with Hunt to find out her go-to breakfasts, her favorite cheat day meals in New York City, and which of the other angels she works out with regularly.

What's your preferred workout routine?

Martha Hunt: I like working out at Ballet Beautiful because it reminds me of doing ballet when I was younger, so I can reconnect in that way. The exercises are very lengthening and toning, which I think is great for that runway body that we’re all building for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

How many years did you perform ballet?

I didn’t train classically, but I did it more for fun, from age 5 to 18.

How many days a week do you work out?

I switch up my training a lot. I don’t exclusively do barre. I do barre once every couple of weeks, and I mix that in with a personal trainer, as well.

Have you received any advice from fellow angels about working out or getting ready for the show?

I think that everybody leads by example. I don’t know if any of them have given me particular advice. I think everybody sets the bar high in terms of overall-superhuman. I have a lot of ladies I look up to in the Victoria’s Secret family.

Do you work out with any of them?

I just worked with Elsa [Hosk]. I’ve worked out with Lily [Aldridge] — [we] have gone on hikes. I’ve worked out with all the girls, it seems like.

What’s a day in your diet like?

I eat a well-balanced diet. I don’t think of it as a diet, but I just generally eat pretty healthy. For breakfast, I could have eggs, toast. Lunch could be a sandwich or salad. Dinner could be anything. I eat everything! I eat tacos, quesadillas.

What healthy meals do you cook at home?

I haven’t been home all month, but when I am home I’ve done fried quinoa. It’s like fried rice but with quinoa. That’s kind of healthy. I did a poached salmon once. That was healthy.

Are there any foods you don't eat leading up to the runway show?

Leading up to the show, I try to eat less sugar, for sure. I try to eat natural sugars. Other than that, I try to keep a very diverse diet.

Do you have a favorite guilty pleasure food or cheat day meal?

Probably a juicy burger and fries from J.G. Melon or Spotted Pig. JG Melon’s is probably better, because it’s more classic.

What's the first indulgent meal after the runway show?

We throw a pizza party right after, but I always have a huge breakfast, too. Pancakes, the works, pastries, lots of carbohydrates. It’s usually at the hotel, because we’ll be traveling for the show.

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