What Would You Give Up For Cheaper Rent? Some People Would Give Up Sex To Save Cash

What Would You Give Up For Cheaper Rent? Some People Would Give Up Sex To Save Cash

Is it really worth it?

By Marianne Garvey

Paying the rent is probably the number one thing most of us worry about — unless you’re sitting on a sweet trust fund or make a really nice salary. And many people would barter something they think they can’t live without to reduce their rent — including sex.

Fourteen percent of renters surveyed in a new study would give up sex for a year for cheaper rent.

When asked about the trade, the 14 percent of people (in the 1,300-person survey) said they’d forego sex to save the extra dough. It all came down to stress.

It took 86 percent of respondents an average of three months to find a place. Once they moved in, 41 percent of responders said that they would start their hunt all over again if the rent was increased by just $50 per month.

“Fifty-eight percent of renters felt stressed most months by their rent. Extrapolated across the entire renter population, that's equal to roughly 25 million households,” reports the study. “We asked what hypothetical steps the stressed majority would be willing to take to relieve themselves of that nagging concern. Importantly, in these make-believe situations, they still had to pay their rent; they just wouldn't feel constantly stressed by the prospect of doing so.”

Second to giving up sex was dining out.

Twenty-nine percent of those asked would never dine out if it meant feeling stress-free about paying rent.

More than half of renters would be willing to work five additional hours a week to not stress over rent.

Over half would sacrifice ever attending their favorite sports team's games or going to the movies.

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