What's Spicy, Creamy and Deliciously Nutty? Sriracha Plus Peanut Butter

What's Spicy, Creamy and Deliciously Nutty? Sriracha Plus Peanut Butter

Created by Bravo for Lay's.

By Bryce Gruber

Ever tried adding Sriracha to your peanut butter, or vice versa? This seemingly strange, doubt-inspiring food combination will totally change your outlook on life and will renew your hope that even horrible-sounding things can be utterly beautiful.

As part of our collaboration with Lay’s Do Us a Flavor campaign, we're in search of the most delicious and inventive flavor pairings possible, that also happen to be perfect for your next big snack session. Love the sound of Sriracha and peanut butter? Vote below for the chance to see two Top Chef cheftestants cook with it in our first-ever LIVE Top Chef Quickfire Challenge. 

If you're wondering where exactly this flavor profile fits, let's first explore the fact that peanut butter has been used in a savory setting just about everywhere outside the United States for the better part of the last century or so. Thai food uses it in noodle dishes, Israelis incorporate peanut butter and dust into their savory chips and packaged snacks, and peanut butter soup? Well, that one is hardly a surprise in a variety of African nations. So why, oh why, is it so far-fetched for sriracha and peanut butter to form such a glorious and holy marriage? Frankly, it's not, and a lot of food-lovers and chefs have already caught on, big-time.

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Forget avocado toasts: Peanut-butter-and-sriracha-topped breads are a thing in Washington D.C., while the combo's sweeter cousin, the peanut butter and sriracha donut, is happening in boutique bake shops around the country.

Why is this duo having a moment? The creamy nuttiness of peanut butter pairs extremely well with sriracha's subtle heat, making a perfect match for everything from your chicken dinners to your Asian-inspired salad dressings, creative cookies, and artisan ice creams.

Vote for the flavor combination you want to see Top Chef cheftestants use in our first-ever LIVE Top Chef Quickfire Challenge, streaming on Facebook and Bravotv.com on Thursday, March 2. 

Vote now, vote often, and don't forget to tune in!

Have your own killer flavor idea? Submit your flavor at Lay's Do Us a Flavor and maybe it could be worth $1 million.

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