When A Woman Falls Out Of Love With You, It's Probably Due To One Of These

When A Woman Falls Out Of Love With You, It's Probably Due To One Of These

It's not about gifts and fancy dinners. 

By Marianne Garvey

The reasons men and women leave each other or fall out of love are usually different.

Men often don’t understand what went wrong, or say they can’t understand what a woman is trying to express.

One, she wants to feel special.

“Curiosity is crucial to your woman feeling special,” a new study says. “Think about it, are you sincerely curious about the woman you are with–or, for that matter, women in general? Are you as curious about your wife (or your date) as you are about other things in your life? Do you want to know who she is, especially when you don’t understand her?”

Two, she wants intimacy, not just sex.

“No matter the occasion, or even at the end of the day, don’t miss out on being emotionally intimate with the woman you love. Of course, your woman has to receive and value what you give her. And she must reciprocate, because there’s no such thing as one-way intimacy.”

You need to ask her real questions.

“One of our favorite stories was told to us by a woman in New York City. She accepted a first date with a man who took her to a very upscale restaurant. He was good looking, dressed well, and understood wines–maybe a catch,” says the study. “However, during the two hours they spent together, he never asked her one question. She knew about wines. Tried to tell him. Nothing got through. She was up on politics. Didn’t matter. She was even a die-hard Yankees fan. So what. The whole evening was about him. Before the main course was served, she placed thirty dollars on the table, told him, kindly, that it wasn’t working out, took a cab home, and spent the rest of the evening reading a novel she was thoroughly enjoying.”

And treat her like a unique woman, different from all the others.

"Far more important is that she is a unique person in her own right, different from all other women. Don’t lump her into a Mars/Venus muddle. That just makes her like every other female, and that’s a sure fire recipe for more disappointment and misunderstanding.

She is not every other woman. She is who she is, uniquely one-of-a-kind and, in that way, very special. You don’t have to do anything to make her special. She already is. But if you can’t recognize that reality as the baseline for how you relate to her, then no gift, no card, no expensive night out will ever make a difference. In fact, it will only dig a much deeper gulf between you.

"Remember, she’s not you. Find out who she is."

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