When Did Funemployed Become The New Unemployed?

When Did Funemployed Become The New Unemployed?

How one millennial made a career of not having a job.


By Marni Eth

Being unemployed is usually a cause of great financial stress, but not if you have millions of followers on social media. Once you reach that level you are considered an influencer and the brand sponsorship offers come rolling in.

This is certainly the case for Claudia Oshry of @GirlWithNoJob. For her, not having a job is literally a full-time job. With 2.7 million followers on Instagram alone, she has reached the level of influence where managing her personal brand requires her full attention and is more lucrative than any standard desk job.

That’s not to say she hasn't worked hard. Claudia graduated high school five years ago and already plotted a path to financial and social media success through branded content. Not having a typical 9 to 5 certainly has its perks; at the time Personal Space chatted with her, most employees would still be at the office, but Oshry was on her couch watching Orange Is The New Black.

Oshry first forayed into blogging when she started a Fashion PR internship during college at NYU. The blog, then titled “Girl With A Job,” was mostly a “personal diary that no one read” and was an outlet to complain anonymously about coworkers. After she was fired, she changed the blog’s name to “Girl With No Job.” Her Instagram account is purposely only positive posts that use her personality and humor as the main attraction. She is just a normal girl sharing pop culture memes that she finds funny and adding her own voice to the captions. These days, she is no longer anonymous and her GWNJ brand is booming, as is the spinoff account @boywithnojob, run by her fiancé. She even had her bachelorette party last weekend sponsored by MGM Grand in Las Vegas. We caught up with the social media star to learn more about her podcast and how her own wedding planning process is going.

Personal Space: Tell us about The Morning Breath

Claudia Oshry: The Morning Breath is live Monday through Friday 10:30am EST. I like to think of it as The View for millennials. Our generation, especially women, are super misrepresented in modern traditional media. It’s a place where we can talk about things that are important to us. NATO and Russia and the emails, that’s not necessarily something that our viewers care to talk about. It’s really just a fun, light place where we can talk about the Kardashians and The Bachelor.

PS: Who has been your favorite guest on it?

CO: Dorinda [Medley, of The Real Housewives of New York City], she surprised me the most. A lot of times, people from these shows don't spill secrets. She was just cool; she didn't hold back. It’s annoying when someone comes on and holds back.

PS: Do any celebrities follow you on Instagram?

CO: Harry Styles, Samuel L Jackson, Paris Hilton, Shay Mitchell...

PS: How’s wedding planning going?

OS: The wedding planning is very stressful but really exciting. The wedding is in the fall and I’m all set with my dress. I’ve partnered with The Knot, so we are planning the wedding publicly on social media for my followers and for The Knot readers. So that’s been really cool to learn so much about the bridal world.

PS: What’s the easiest and hardest part about wedding planning?

OS: None of it is easy. The hardest part is the budgeting. Until you are planning a wedding, you really don't know how much things cost.

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