When Exactly Is It OK To Contact Your Ex? These Specific 4 Times Are Fine

When Exactly Is It OK To Contact Your Ex? These Specific 4 Times Are Fine

There are few times when dialing them up is totally appropriate.

By Jen Glantz

While there are some superhumans out there who have the ability to remain friends with an ex, most people walk away from a breakup with emotional battle scars.

So if you're working overtime to forget they exist, have blocked them on social media and held off on that Happy Birthday text, you may still wonder if and when there will be a time when it's appropriate to contact them ever again.

Here are the only four reasons it's okay to break the seal of silence and say hello to your ex again.

1. When someone they loved passes away

It's a sad reason to reach out to someone and say hello, but it's also something kind to do, especially for a person who was once such a prominent person in your life. If you're not up for a phone call, it's OK to send a text message or email, sending your condolences.

2. To congratulate them on getting engaged

Again - this is only to congratulate them, not to ask them what the heck they are thinking marrying.....her or him! Even though you didn't end up with them in the long run doesn't mean you can't send well wishes for the person who replaced you (and is about to deal with your ex for the rest of their lives.) If this congratulations isn't 100% from a genuine place, skip it.

3. Give me my stuff back, please

If the breakup is semi-recent or you just haven't had a chance to get the stuff back you left at their place, you can reach out and ask for them to drop it off or leave it with a mutual friend, so you can pick it up without seeing their face again.

4. If you happen to share something

If you're sharing custody of your children, your pets, or even a company you decided to start together, you may need to figure out how to have a new kind of relationship where you talk "business" and that's it. You may find this type of communication the hardest, since you’ll have to ditch your harsh feelings toward each other for the sake of mutual ownership of a person, pet, or “thing.”

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