When Is It OK To Say "I Love You" For The First Time?

When Is It OK To Say "I Love You" For The First Time?

Depends on where you live. 

By Marianne Garvey
Traveling with Your Lover

So you blurted it out. It may not be too soon to say "I love you" after all, so don't worry about it. Unless the person suddenly disappeared, then that's their problem. A little "I love you" never killed anyone, OK?

But, saying it for the first time can be nerve-racking - who's going to say it first? What if there's no response? What if it just hangs in the air, until it splats...like bird poop?

One survey asked couples the timing of relationship milestones and when they thought it was the right time to say those three words, move in together, and have children together.

The survey, conducted by Brilliant Earth, found that couples in the Northeast are saying “I love you” faster than those in the South. Couples in the Northeast are 64 percent more likely than Southerners to want to declare their love after just two to three months of dating.

Donald Trump supporters were 50 percent more likely than Hillary Clinton supporters to say "I love you" within one month of dating.

Six percent of people would wait more than a year to introduce their significant other to the parents, while most couples take this step around the two to three month mark.

Most couples aim to start having kids two to four years into a committed relationship. Of the American women asked, 15 percent are open to having children before marriage.

Baby boomers were more than twice as likely as millennials to say they'd travel as a couple after just one month of dating.

More than half surveyed, 58 percent, said they'd be comfortable living with someone before marriage.

Singles in the South are twice as likely as those in the Northeast to say they never want to get married.

Women are almost 60 percent more likely than men to prefer a long engagement of over two years.

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