When Is Too Soon to Travel With Your New Fling? (You'll Be Surprised)

When Is Too Soon to Travel With Your New Fling? (You'll Be Surprised)

A new survey sheds light on when a relationship is ready to go the distance.

By Aly Walansky

Travel can be a romantic thrill — and also a serious test of a new relationship. So when is the best time to travel with a new love (or like) interest, to create the best potential for romance... without crushing a budding relationship?

According to a new survey by Hilton Hotels & Resorts among 1,000 U.S.-based adults, most folks say the earlier the better.

Indeed, results shows that six in 10 people think that it’s a good idea to go on a trip with someone they’ve been seeing for less than three months... and that it’s actually never too soon to travel with a significant other.

Experts say this is actually reasonable thinking. “[A getaway is] romantic, and will allow them to escape to a place where the usual distractions of life aren't embedded in their surroundings,” says Antonia Hall, a psychologist and relationship expert. “There’s no better way to really get to know someone than to travel with them. It's actually a very informative way to know how your potential long-term partner deals with flight delays, traffic, and other situations that can arise, and whether or not you're truly compatible."

And even if you're not in a relationship, the study shows respondents see potential for love in travel. Among single ladies and guys, one in three say they are looking to find romance while on vacation.

That theory too makes sense: When escaping to another place, it can feel like the real world is so far away that whatever one does can stay a getaway secret — and that can take the edge off enough for folks to open themselves up to love... or at least to possibility.

“Often, holidays bring out the desire for indulgences, and it's exciting to connect with a stranger and have a little romantic interlude while away," Hall says. "Blame it on sunshine, romantic settings, or the dopamine and neurotransmitter fix your body is providing. Hooking up is pleasure for pleasure's sake and that can be pretty tempting, especially when tucked away from everyday life."

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