Dog Sleep Scientist Reveals Which Breed Is the Soundest Sleeper

Dog Sleep Scientist Reveals Which Breed Is the Soundest Sleeper

Wait, is it too late for us to get the job “Dog Sleep Scientist”?

By Kristyn Pomranz

Some of us, for instance, have dogs that very loudly and actively chase pigeons in their sleep and, as such, constantly wake us up in the middle of the night. And while we wouldn’t trade our pidge-lovin’ pupper for the world, we dokinda-sorta wish he would just sleep through the night so we could catch some decent zzz’s.

But, thanks to science, we now know what breed will best suit our REM-demanding brains. The next time we #adoptdontshop, we’ll be on the hunt for … a bulldog!

Wagg released a new study of canine sleep patterns which revealed that the smarter the breed, the more likely the dog would be active in the night. This means that supergeniuses with “working” backgrounds—like collies and spaniels—tend to restlessly run and bark and wag their tails in their sleep, while sweet little dummies—like bulldogs—don’t make a peep.

Lead dog sleep scientist Dr. Robert White-Adams commented on the study: “As little as we understand about consciousness and dreaming in dogs, we do know it requires significant mental ability, and therefore more intelligent breeds are those that are most likely to experience dreaming when they sleep.”

Per the research, Wagg has released a list of the top dog sleepers, as well as the worst:


  1. Bulldog (47% sleep through the night)
  2. Beagle (45% sleep through the night)
  3. Lurcher (42% sleep through the night)
  4. Jack Russell (40% sleep through the night)
  5. Labrador = Boxer (37% sleep through the night)
  6. Spaniel (36% sleep through the night)
  7. German Shepard (34% sleep through the night)
  8. Golden Retriever = Shih Tzu (32% sleep through the night)
  9. Collie (30% sleep through the night)
  10. Terrier (28% sleep through the night)
  11. Pug (24% sleep through the night)


  1. Sheepdog (12% sleep through the night)
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