Why You’re Better Off Not Getting a Plus One To a Wedding

Why You’re Better Off Not Getting a Plus One To a Wedding

Just go it alone, says one relationship expert.

By Jen Glantz

The only thing that makes receiving a pile of wedding invitations in the mail bearable during engagement season is looking at the front of the envelope and seeing that you’ve been invited to someone’s love fest with your very own plus one.

Whether or not you have the perfect person to bring with you or you plan on devoting every ounce of your free time to swiping through dating apps to find a dance partner date for the night, the thought that having a plus one to tag along with you to a friend’s wedding isn’t always the great gift that you think it is.

Weddings can seem like a total drag if you have to show up alone, sit at the single’s table, and hide in the bathroom during the slow dance songs. But going solo has its benefits and those benefits outweigh having to drag along a date that probably rather be home watching Netflix. Here are the top five reasons you’re better off not getting a plus one:

1. You can come and go as you please

It’s much easier to show up late and leave early if you are all by yourself. You won’t cause too much commotion if you tip toe into the ceremony 20 minutes late and chances are you’ll find one extra seat in the back of the room that you can plop down on. When you’ve had enough at the end of the night, nobody will notice if you head out before midnight.

2. You don't have to pay extra

The gift you’ll give the couple at their celebration will be so much less if you’re not giving it on behalf of two people. There’s the ancient rule that you should try to give a gift that covers your “plate” at the wedding, so if you’re bringing a lone a date, you may have to shell out twice as much cash to pay for them to sit beside you and eat mediocre food.

3. You can have as many slices of cake as you want

That’s right! Going solo means you never have to explain anything you do to someone else’s judging eyes. If you’re looking the vanilla almond cake so much that you want seconds (or thirds) you can whisper into the ears of a server to bring you another slice and nobody has to know that you have transformed into a cake eating machine.

4. You can meet someone there you like more

If you decide to bring along someone you hardly know or hardly care about just so you don’t have to show up alone, you might miss your opportunity to make googly eyes with someone at the wedding you like more than your date. Weddings can put you in a lovey dovey mood, which may make you more inclined to talk to attractive singles that you never would have the courage to if you were some place else.

5. You can dance like nobody is watching

Because nobody will be! You don’t have to keep on looking back to see if your date is mortified by your dance moves that they are hiding underneath the table and you don’t have to try to keep up with anyone else’s steps on the dance floor. You can bust out the running man if you’d like or moonwalk across the DJ’s stage.

Someone else’s wedding can be the greatest place for you to let lose that is if you skip out on bringing a plus one and just bring the best version of you.

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