Cutest Scientific Discovery EVER: Wild Sand Kittens Are So Adorable, We’re Actually Deceased

Cutest Scientific Discovery EVER: Wild Sand Kittens Are So Adorable, We’re Actually Deceased


By Kristyn Pomranz

Confession: Back in high school, we didn’t care much for science class. In fact, we were such subpar students that in order to pass, Mr. Landis made us do an extra credit project where we carved a brain out of a foam ball and then stuffed it with Christmas lights. (Honestly still not sure what we were supposed to have learned from that?)

Aaanyway, the point is that nobody ever told us that caring about biology could amount to a career of studying unbelievably cute baby kittens. And now we’re finding ourselves pretty effing jealous of the wild cat researchers at Panthera (the world’s biggest big cat conservation group) who recently captured historical footage of baby sand cats—henceforth known as The Cutest Wild Animals in Existence, OMG We Can’t Even Look at Them, STAHHHPPPPPPP.

Although researchers were well aware of sand cats’ existence (primarily in North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia), their stealth ways have kept them from ever being documented in the wild—until now. The Sand Cat Sahara Team (seriously, we could have been on a “sand cat team”?! Damn you, Landis!) shared an update on their discovery in a blog post:

“Finding sand cats (Felis margarita) in their natural range (northern Africa, across the Middle East, and southwest and central Asia) is difficult. They barely leave any visible pugmarks, they don’t leave behind remains of their prey, and their vocalizations are quiet. They move stealthily at dusk, night, and dawn, they’re good at hiding, and their fur provides perfect camouflage when they want to vanish from observers and threats. But they don’t run away.”

Now whether or not you care about wild cats is your own personal business. But there is absolutely zero denying that these are the cutest discoveries since…well…newborn red pandas. LOOK AT THEM. JUST LOOK AT THEM!!!

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