Will the Real Caitlyn/Kaitlynn Jenner Please Stand Up?

Will the Real Caitlyn/Kaitlynn Jenner Please Stand Up?

Great, now Brody's father and fianceé will have the same name.  

By Marianne Garvey

Say what you want, this family certainly isn’t boring.

We just realized that Brody Jenner will be marrying a woman named Kaitlynn, who will likely change her last name from Carter to Jenner. Although it’s spelled differently, phonetically it sounds the same as his transgendered father, Caitlyn Jenner. So now there will exist a Caitlyn Jenner…and a Kaitlynn Jenner. How we will ever know who we are speaking of? Will the confusion cause Mother Nature to unleash a hail storm in June? Will people still go places without Dorinda? When Brody declares “I love this woman,” is he talking about his soon-to-be wife or his father? Help!

The Caitlyn/Kaitlynn breakdown:

Kaitlynn, 28

wet hair all day here to keep myself cool 💦 doing my best not to turn it green @neeenaboo 😁😝

A photo posted by Kaitlynn Carter (@kaitlynn_carter) on

Likes include Yoga, animals, selfies, and Brody.

In the about section of Kaitlynn’s lifestyle site, she describes herself as the following: 

“Hey guys, I’m Kaitlynn! I was born and raised in southern New Hampshire, and have since lived in Florence, Italy; Palm Beach, Florida; London; and most recently, Los Angeles. I attended University of New Hampshire where I earned a B.A. in English before working in the financial services industry for several years. In addition to how much I LOVE to write, I also enjoy photography, cooking, travel, my dogs (2 Rottweilers and a Puggle!) and the beach (duh). If I’m not learning something new, I’m bored.. so I try to learn something new every day.. And while I’m certainly no expert, I love love studying and experimenting with fashion and design.”

Caitlyn, 66

Formerly known as Olympic champion Bruce Jenner, he transitioned to Caitlyn in adult life. Following a 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer, where Bruce revealed, “for all intents and purposes, I'm a woman,” he bravely came out as Caitlyn to the world. She now lives life fighting for LGBT rights and says she’s finally free to be who she was inside. 

Likes include sports, fashion, transgender issues, and Brody.

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