Why Did These "Wine Terrorists" Just Dump Thousands of Gallons of Wine on a French Town?

Why Did These "Wine Terrorists" Just Dump Thousands of Gallons of Wine on a French Town?

The whole town turned into a giant, nasty sangria.

By Drew DiSabatino

The streets will flow red with…wine? That’s the sentiment behind the most recent attack by "Wine Terrorists" who left their purple mark on the south of France last week when they destroyed five wine vats and sent an ocean of wine flowing into the streets.

Perhaps we should back up a moment and clarify some things:

a) Yes, you did read the words “Wine Terrorist” correctly.

b) No, this is neither a joke nor the real life version of a dream you once had about a city where the streets were paved with wine. 

The group behind the attack is Le CRAV, the Regional Action Committee of Winemakers, a covert group of French winemakers angry about the increasing bulk importation of cheap foreign wines to their country, a trend that they say makes competition impossible for domestic grape growers. Yes, this is among the most French things to have ever happened.

According to GrubStreet, a member claiming to be a part of the group broke into wholesale wine trading house Biron in the southern France port town of Sète (pictured below) and destroyed five large wine vats, dumping the product directly into the streets.

The wine caused floods several inches high before draining into nearby cellars and parking garages. (That can’t be a fun insurance claim to file.) Firefighters and police were called to deal with the flooding and spent at least a half hour pumping wine in order to clear the road.

Unfortunately, “Wine Terrorism” is not always as silly as the name suggests. The attacks, which are most often directed at Spanish winemakers whom the group considers to be among the worst perpetrators of cheap wine exportation, have included bombing wineries, hijacking tankers, and arson, so it’s safe to say tensions are high.

Maybe a glass of wine would help?

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