Can You Guess Which Type of Wine Will Get You Drunk Fastest?

Can You Guess Which Type of Wine Will Get You Drunk Fastest?

These wines deliver the booziest bang for your buck.

By Lindsay Tigar

Whether it's a weekend or weeknight, you're probably already fantasizing about that glass (or um, bottle) of wine you'll pour this evening to celebrate, relax and zen out. Or if it's a big night out with friends and you want to let yourself go, you may opt for a bang-for-the-buck wine that will get you drunk the fastest, right? Good news: Delish just compiled a handy list of the types of wines that have the highest ABV (alcohol by volume).

Ranking highest? California Zinfandel and Petite Sirah, which come in at 14.5 percent or more ABV. That's significantly higher than beer, which averages in the 4 to 6 percent zone, although nowhere near vodka, at around 40 percent. The other wines that top out the get-you-drunk-fastest list are fortified varieties like Spanish Sherry, Italian Amarone and Portuguese Madeira.

How is ABV determined? Basically, the longer grapes can mature, the more alcohol they’ll rack up. But since wines rarely get to 14.5 percent ABV on their own, many wines in the high-alcohol category are fortified.

So what's the lowest-alcohol wine? Well, there's a reason why you might have sipped on White Zinfandel when you were younger. It was a low-impact choice for an inexperienced drinker, along with Muscadet, German Riesling, some rosés and sparkling types like Prosecco. All of these yield less than 12.5 percent ABV. If you’re somewhere in between wanting to get drunk on Friday night and trying to be lucid enough for your Saturday morning yoga class, you might want to go for the medium or medium-high ABV wines, which include French Beaujolais and Burgundy, Argentine Malbec, Italian Chianti, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and more.

Want a fuller breakdown of where certain wines fall on the scale? Check out the rest of the list on Delish.

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