These Wines Know How You Feel Around the Holidays

These Wines Know How You Feel Around the Holidays

A bottle costs a lot less than your shrink.

Oh, the holidays: a time to come together with family, kick back by the fire, and share memories and laughs while agreeing on just about every issue that matters in this world.

OK, so nearly all of the above doesn't actually happen for most of us. More than likely it takes a blend of patience, tongue-biting, eye-rolling, and plenty of quiet time-outs in the frigid garage to get through a big holiday dinner. This year, why not try adding something new to your arsenal: Wine that knows how you feel in various family situations...and can even serve as a conversation starter with your awkward, quietly angry cousin.

Family Time Is Hard

Hand this Pinot Grigio over as soon as you walk in and you'll probably find that everyone else concurs, and—voila!—you all have something you can agree on (and toast to since you've already got the wine.) The winemakers tout that you can use the wine to describe how you're feeling too… light, crisp and "refreshingly honest."

Mad Housewife

Slaving away for days to cook a meal that the family scarfs down in six minutes without even a "this is delicious" thrown your way can make anyone a little peeved, not just a "housewife" or a Housewife. And this line of wines clearly gets it. (After all, "What's domestic bliss without a little wine?" is its tagline.) You can pick up a bottle of Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot or for those who want something that'll go down really easy after all that work, there's also a Sweet Pink and Sweet Red.


When your Uncle Pete inevitably spills cocktail sauce/onion dip/his Old Fashioned all over the white sofa before the dinner's even started, he can simply flash his sheepish smile and give this wine to the host. All of the wines in this line are Chilean, with the reds focused on the Carmenere grape, including a Carmenere, a Cabernet Franc-Carmenere, and a Merlot-Carmenere (and named "Oops" since Carmenere grapes in Chile were assumed to be Merlot until a viticulturist discovered the mistake in 1994). But your clumsy uncle should probably stick with the whites (at least while on the sofa), so luckily there's also Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, too.

Mommy's Time Out

When the kids' sugar rush coupled with a fever-pitch excitement over Santa's impending arrival has you at the end of your rope, wave the white flag (or table cloth, or linen napkin or whatever you can get your hands on), pour yourself a glass of one of these wines made from Italian grapes and give yourself a well-deserved time out. Oh, and it works just as well for dads too. The line includes Pinot Grigio, Moscato, Rose and a red blend.

Middle Sister

There's a different wine for every type of middle sister on your list, from Sweet & Sassy Moscato to Smarty Pants Chardonnay to the brand's best seller, the Rebel Red red blend. And each varietal has a clever "drop of wisdom" printed on the label that you'll probably find yourself repeating this holiday season, like "You can't buy happiness, but you can buy wine and that's kind of the same thing." Exactly … and at $12 a pop you can maybe buy yourself a lot of happiness.

Holiday Kisses

This one is the perfect bottle for leaving behind when you sneak out early to go meet your friends at a bar without saying proper goodbyes. And really no one's going to complain since it's a Napa Valley Cabernet made by Flora Springs Family Estate, and it retails for close to $60. Pus, the etched mistletoe is just a super-cute touch.

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