Man’s Mission to Adopt the Unadoptable = The Greatest Animal Instagram Ever

Man’s Mission to Adopt the Unadoptable = The Greatest Animal Instagram Ever

Bringing purpose to the pages of Instagram!

By Stacy Lenz

Q: What’s better than an adorable pair of animal friends?

A: An big ol’ giant group of adorable animal friends!

How about a humongous dog that’s friends with a pig? Or a tiny dog that’s friends with a pair of chicks? You’re on board, right? Now what if I told you all four of those friends lived together with a gaggle of other critters—and a bunny to boot? We have just described the house that Wolfgang built, which you can follow on the delightful and inspirational Instagram account Wolfgang2242.

The man behind the account is Steve Greig, whose mission is to adopt the unadoptable. Spurred by the death of his beloved miniature pinscher Wolfgang (the inspiration for his Instagram handle), Steve headed to the shelter to find their “least adoptable” dog as a tribute to his erstwhile canine bestie.

Steve came home with two things: a precious 12-year-old dog named Eeyore, and a newfound commitment to senior dogs. Since then, Steve’s brood has grown to include nine dogs (Waylon, Edsel, Josh, Englebert, Eeyore, Edna, Loretta, Phyllis and Enoch), Bikini the pig, Stuart the rabbit, Oprah the chicken and a couple more critters.

His dedication to senior doggos has only grown since then. He uses his Instagram as a platform to preach the joys of senior dog adoption and he currently has a partnership with Susie’s Senior Dogs rescue. His website sells tee shirts featuring his motley crew of mutts, and proceeds are contributed to fighting the plight of homeless older dogs.

All of Steve’s pets are insanely cute, but there are a few breakout stars of the bunch. Englebert—an old man dog once featured on Humans of New York—has his own tagline: “From unadoptable to unstoppable.” Meanwhile Bikini the pig has built up quite a following of his own, melting people’s hearts because he has grown to think he’s a doggo too.

That said, we love them all and would happily adopt any member of this “unadoptable” gang, wouldn’t you?

You're late. We're hungry. There's chicken on the counter. #vegetarianhumor

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