Woman Uses Tinder to Locate Her Lost Cat, Finds True Love (…Her Cat)

Woman Uses Tinder to Locate Her Lost Cat, Finds True Love (…Her Cat)

It’s a lost and found story for the digital age!

By Kristyn Pomranz

It doesn’t matter how vigilant a pet owner you are — sometimes animals just escape. Maybe the screen had unknowingly fallen out of your window. Maybe the hot water technician left your back door open. Maybe you were on hallucinogens and thought your parakeet was begging you for his freedom. WE DON’T KNOW YOUR LIFE.

But no matter the situation, losing a pet is devastating. Even if you have a proper microchip (which you should, people!), sometimes a dog or cat just finds its way totally off the grid. And then, you only have two choices: Give up, or get creative.

Katie Alsop from Northampton, England opted for the latter when she lost her six-year-old tabby, Peanut. Yes, she called local vets, and posted on Facebook, and went knocking door to door. But when all efforts proved fruitless, she turned to someplace new: Tinder.

 “I was frustrated my efforts weren’t reaching enough people so wanted to try something different,” Alsop told Babble. “I wanted to reach as many people as possible, locally, and grab their attention. So [I] just realized Tinder would be great.”

“Peanut”’s profile picture was a bright red Missing sign that offered a reward for information leading to a safe return. Alsop also included a picture of herself with Peanut so people might take it a bit more seriously. Once the profile was established, she swiped right on every single person with the hope of expanding her reach.

In just 30 minutes (!), Alsop had received over 400 matches and one very real lead from a man named Charlie who had seen a similar-looking tabby in his garden. “When Charlie called and said he found the cat, I was scared it was a joke or a mistake,” Alsop says. “But then he described Peanut’s glitter and blue collar! I can’t describe the anxiety and happiness combination.”

Although Peanut wasn’t in Charlie’s garden when Alsop arrived, the two teamed up to get the spooked kitty home for good. With a bit more watchfulness, some sleuthing, and ultimately a trail of treats, Peanut was successfully back in Alsop’s arms just one week after going missing.

The two are now happily reunited and back to their regularly scheduled cuddling. Who says Tinder never results in true love?!

Credit: Katie Alsop

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