Many Women Are Now Revealing Their Baby's Name Before Birth...But Why?

Many Women Are Now Revealing Their Baby's Name Before Birth...But Why?

What happened to the element of surprise?

By Marianne Garvey

Leo, Neptune, and Sprout—three names of friends babies who haven’t even been born yet.

So why are they revealing their unborn’s name on social media before they give birth? The trend is happening for a number of reasons, says Pamela Redmond Satran, founder of Nameberry.

“People who don’t tell the name it’s usually because—especially to friends and family—people are afraid if they tell the name before the baby is born they will leave the name and themselves open to cirticism,” Pamela says. “But especially now that a lot of people know the gender really early, they know the due date, there is very little that is a real surprise

announcing the name is the new form of gender reveal.”

“Giving a real name to your unborn child does give it an identity,” Pamela says, adding, “in your own mind as well as other peoples minds. Staking your claim is interesting because of course you can’t claim a name.”

Which is exactly why Chloe, 32, a journalist in New York City, revealed her newborn son’s name long before he was born.

“It's simple, my husband and I wanted to claim our territory,” she says. “A lot of our friends were pregnant at the same time as us so we wanted to make sure no one else could use the name if it was on their list. Thank goodness we did because two of our friends were considering the name!"

Pamela says many people have had problems with friends or acquaintances stealing their baby name, so people may be very public about the name early among people in the know in their lives.

“You don’t want your sister or your coworker to name your baby the same name, maybe if you told everybody taking a name seems like crappier thing to do,” she says.

Pamela also says a lot of people will talk about their possible name choices with strangers more readily, their feelings are less at stake.

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