Questionable New Workout Trend: Humans Exercising Like Dogs (Literally)

Questionable New Workout Trend: Humans Exercising Like Dogs (Literally)

Catching a Frisbee in your mouth burns, like, 100 calories an hour.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Ever since Jane Fonda introduced Jazzercising back in the ‘80s, exercise has become just as trend-based as fashion or food. SoulCycle has built a whole cult on stationary bikes (think about that for a second), pole dancing has been reincarnated as aerobics, and trampoLEAN took your favorite childhood activity and turned it into a fitness pun.

So when we heard about Work Out Like a Dog (“The world’s first exercise class in which humans exclusively perform exercises normally reserved for dogs.”) we weren’t shocked, although we wish we had been. The video (which kinda-sorta feels like an SNL skit) shows humans digging in the dirt, playing fetch, crawling through tunnels, chasing their tails, and, of course, sitting. The instructor even has a dog on-hand to demonstrate how the exercises are done properly.

As far as we can tell, it’s not a joke, but take a look for yourself:

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