Would You Date Someone You Found Completely Unattractive If The Sex Was Good?

Would You Date Someone You Found Completely Unattractive If The Sex Was Good?

Some people do. 

By Marianne Garvey

Relationships are all about compromise—but how far are you willing to go for your partner?

When it comes to settling for stuff with a partner, men and women are very different. Like, when 1,500 people were asked about what they’d compromise on, men immediately went to sex and women went to emotions.

A new study by Superdrug Online Doctor found that 60 percent of men say they'd stick with someone who wasn’t their type as long as the sex was amazing and 88 of women say they prefer a great communicator over someone who's good in bed. You don't say. 

Forty percent said a good cook would keep them in a relationship. Really? I mean, you can just order in. Why stay with someone you don't love? Because they can grill a mean chicken?

One in 9 people surveyed said they spent more than a year dating (and sleeping with) someone they found straight up unattractive. Uh, ok.

Sexual or romantic?

When asked, more than half of those surveyed described themselves as “somewhat romantic” and “somewhat sexual.”

Nearly 30 percent of all men considered themselves to be “extremely sexual,” while 17 percent of all women responded the same. Around 19 percent of all men and women said they were “very romantic.”

“While both men and women want to please their partners, men tend to focus on physical pleasure while women covet emotional intimacy and feeling desirable,” said the survey.

When asked which attributes they’d rather have in a partner, most men cared more about their partner being great in bed than being a great cook (nearly 73 percent).

And how much sex is enough?

Surprise. “Overall, men would have sex much more often than women, with over 7 percent of women wanting sex more than once a day compared to nearly 18 percent of men,” said the study.

More than 1 in 4 surveyed have been in a relationship with someone who is not good in bed. Almost 12 percent of people said they were in a relationship with someone they found unattractive.

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