Can You Decode This Restaurant’s All-Emoji Menu?

Can You Decode This Restaurant’s All-Emoji Menu?

English is so 1400 years ago.

By Drew DiSabatino

Tacos, flying money, poop, kissy faces: it’s never been so easy to say so much with so little. Thanks, emojis. But as with every popular/trendy/enjoyable thing on earth, humanity just can’t stop until we’ve stretched a good thing to its limits. We thought we might have seen peak emojidom with Pepsi’s all-emoji cans, the all-emoji anti-drug campaign, or even Chevrolet’s wordless press release.

But it turns out, like the killer at the end of a bad horror movie, emoji fever isn’t dead yet. Meet The Little Yellow Door, a pop-up bar/restaurant in London that recently added in a rotating all-emoji menu to its lineup. The special mid-week summer menu gets you two courses and a cocktail for around $20, which seems like a pretty good deal, assuming you can figure out what’s coming when you place your order.

Some of the options seem pretty easy to decode: Chicken sandwich with bacon, tomato and avocado is a no-brainer. But bread and cow (hamburger?) with mushrooms, a…chestnut? And a…rocket ship? Maybe stick with the chicken sandwich.

In case an all-emoji menu wasn’t hip enough for you (are emojis still hip?), the restaurant also offers the option of texting your order via WhatsApp to a special number if you can’t, or don’t want to, track down a waiter.

The restaurant itself functions as a fictional apartment in order to make diners feel like they’re visiting a friend’s dinner party every time they dine, and the concept involves a rotating cuisine that reflects whichever “new roommate” has moved into the flat. (Currently the new roommate is “Hank, from the US of A.”) Keeping in theme, the emoji menu is meant to reflect the way diners might text with their friends in a casual setting, according to owner Kamran Dehdashti, who told the Evening Standard he hopes the emoji menu is met with enthusiasm, and not “tears and a sad face.”

All he can do is:

(Via Grub Street.)

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