You Can Soon Spend the Night in Julia Child's French Home

You Can Soon Spend the Night in Julia Child's French Home

And cook in her kitchen. (Mon dieu!)

By Jenny Berg

So, let’s start with the bad news. Julia Child’s French vacation home — which hit the market in November — has been snapped up. Realistically, though, how long could a four-bedroom cottage with a swimming pool, a lush flower garden, and Julia Child’s former kitchen sit vacant? Looks like a scant three months.

But, here’s the good news: In another year or so, you could be standing in that very kitchen, up to your elbows in French pastry dough, with a glass of champagne in hand, and a cozy bedroom upstairs.

According to Boston Magazine, the home’s new owner is Makenna Johnston, who has quite the super-fan pedigree. Not only did Johnston attend Smith College — just like Julia — she also grew up watching the jolly chef’s PBS show religiously. And you’d better bet Child’s joie de cooking rubbed off: Makenna and her wife are both passionate home cooks, who even catered their own wedding. (Imagine the devotion it takes to steam mussels in wine as you’re having your hair done!)

When Child and her husband owned the cottage in the 1960s, they gave it the nickname "La Pitchoune," which means "the little one." Now that Johnston owns her idol’s retreat, she’s set to honor its legacy in the most fitting way: "La Peetch" will have a second life as a culinary center. (It will also host yoga classes, which befits Child's boho spirit.)

The cottage will start lodging its first vacationers in May, and will likely roll out its culinary classes—aimed at beginner home cooksin 2017. What’s cooking? Traditional French food, of course. All together now: Bon appétit!

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