No, You Cannot Bring A Plus One To My Wedding So Please Don't Ask

No, You Cannot Bring A Plus One To My Wedding So Please Don't Ask

I don't even know who your boyfriend is. 

By Marianne Garvey
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5 Ways to Be a Great Wedding Guest

Ever been in this situation? A friend was invited to the wedding, but not with a plus one. But he/she is waaaay into their new boyfirned/girlfriend, so they’ve sent you the task of asking if they can bring a plus one.

Say what? Not happening.

One, stop bothering the bride and groom, They obviously don’t know your latest fling, so don’t shoulder them with the burden of paying for another plate. Two, they wanted you there, and now you’re causing trouble before even checking off your RSVP.

We turned to Seri Kerzner of Little Miss Party Planner, to ask what to do when someone suddenly wants to bring a plus one to your wedding like it’s a backyard barbecue.

“It is 100 percent wrong to ask,” Seri laughs. “You never ask if you can bring a date to a wedding.”

She stresses that for guests, “if you don’t have a date, you don’t have a date,” and says if the bride or groom actually knew you were super close with your partner, they’d know them and be sure to invite them."

“I can’t even stress how wrong this is,” Seri says. “The good news is that the bride, or the friend tasked with asking for the friend can say ‘uh no’ you need to deal with it.”

“If the person is ballsy enough to ask the bride for a plus one, the bride can say no,” she adds. “The final head count is two weeks to ten days before the wedding…People have real chutzpah.”

“Bringing someone uninvited to a party where they don’t know anyone is awkward all around.”

The solution, she says, is simple.

“Write an email or call the bride and say ‘I’m so sorry this completely slipped my mind, I’d still love to come [on my own] if it’s not too late.”

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