You Need to Know This Trick for Magically Making Your Airplane Seat Bigger

You Need to Know This Trick for Magically Making Your Airplane Seat Bigger

Just find the secret button.

By Karen Gardiner

Space is at a premium when you are cramped into the close quarters of an airplane — in particular when you're facing the many indignities and ever-shrinking accommodations in coach class.

While some choose to recline their seats in order to free up a little precious space, what are you to do if you're a stickler for airplane etiquette and have enough self awareness to not want to impose on the comfort of your fellow travelers?

Well, if you find yourself in an aisle seat, you'll be pleased to hear that it turns out there's been a way to grab a few extra inches of space all along. The outside armrest may appear immobile but, as Travel + Leisure has noted, there is a way that it can be raised, freeing up much needed extra space.

All you have to do is slide your hand underneath the armrest, locate a small hinge or button, then release the hinge lock to put an end to that uncomfortable digging into your side. Preventing service carts or wandering passengers from bumping into your newly liberated body parts, however, is another matter.

Before you whisper a thank you to the airplane industry for bearing your personal comfort in mind, note that the feature is not designed for your flying pleasure. (Shocker.)

It is, says Travel + Leisure, "actually a safety measure to allow a quick and easy escape should you need to make an emergency exit from the plane."

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