You Won't Believe Which Food These 7 Celeb Chefs Crave

You Won't Believe Which Food These 7 Celeb Chefs Crave

Spoiler: It's strong to the finish.

By Tamara Palmer

Did you know you might already be eating like some of the country's most celebrated chefs? Contrary to popular belief, fancy chefs don't subsist on fancy food alone—many of them jones for, shall we say, more lowbrow foods.

First We Feast notes that celebrity chefs like David Chang (pictured above), Anthony Bourdain, Grant Achatz, Top Chef Masters alum Wylie Dufresne, and Top Chef alums Paul Qui and Dale Talde admit that very little makes them happier in this world than some Popeye's chicken; Dufresne even made it a part of his wedding banquet. Hugh Acheson has been known to rave about it too. What's the deal with all this Popeye's love? Must be those secret Cajun spices in the batter.

The chefs certainly aren't alone. According to a company report, Popeye's opened 219 new locations in 2015 and enjoyed a 5.9% increase in global sales for the year.




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