Your Dating Profile Pic Is All Wrong...Here's How To Get It Right

Your Dating Profile Pic Is All Wrong...Here's How To Get It Right

Try a ponytail?

By Marianne Garvey

Is your profile picture holding you back from finding true love?

The dating app Hinge is giving you some tips on how to present yourself in the best way on social media. They’ve sifted through thousands of their users' photos and determined what gets a good response—and what gets ignored.

They used 35 different labels to tag thousands of random photos, and found that those that showed people in a “natural state” (take note, guys posing with tigers and fast cars) were the most liked by users.

Also, anything that blocked users faces, like sunglasses, was considered a no no. And don’t use filters, people want to see what you look like without all sorts of unnatural lighting and bunny ears.

Other surprising finds:

Women with their hair up in a ponytail were liked more, while posing on a beach was liked less.

Photos showing people playing sports, hiking, running or bike riding were well liked, especially by people who shared a common interest.

Selfies in the bathroom were almost universally rejected. Selfies showing people's smiles and teeth made them more likely to get a like.

Standing alone got likes, as opposed to standing with someone who could be mistaken for a partner.

While looking away from the camera was key for women, for men looking straight at the camera was better and got a ton of positive responses.

In summary, Hinge determined that your photos should tell the story of the real you, doing something you like, and smiling. That should draw the right people to you.

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