Here's How You Know You're About To Marry The Wrong Person

Here's How You Know You're About To Marry The Wrong Person

Relationship experts explain that off feeling. 

By Jen Glantz
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You may think you found the love of your life because you found someone who seemingly puts up with your quirks and has promised to stand by your side, but there’s always a chance you are about to say hello to a future with a person who is so terribly wrong for you. Sounds scary, right? 

Wondering how you can know if you are about to marry the wrong person?

Listen to the advice from these four relationship experts before walking down the aisle.

You’re caught up on the idea of them.

“You like the idea of being with the person more than you actually like being around that person; you give yourself intellectual reasons that you are great together while not really enjoying their company or your close relationship.” - Dr. Helen Odessky, a psychologist and author of Stop Anxiety From Stopping You.

You are hoping for a change.

“Some people will look to marriage as if it is a fairytale that fixes all of the flaws in a relationship, that your significant other will now become this romantic, giving partner after the wedding. This couldn't be further from the truth. Marriage will bring new challenges into a relationship, so there needs to be a really strong foundation before marriage, in order to be successful.” - Marissa Venture, Owner/Certified Matchmaker

You are working overtime on convincing yourself.

“The biggest sign that you’re marrying the wrong person is that you have to convince yourself that he or she is the one for you. You resort to 'talking up' your future partner in your head to attempt to persuade yourself you’re making the right choice. This could be things like, 'We’ve been together so long,' 'My mom really likes him,' or, 'I’m not getting any younger.' If you have to convince yourself that the person you’re marrying is right for you, then you already know the truth in your gut: He or she is the wrong one!” - Jonathan Bennett, a certified counselor and relationship coach. 

Your ego is not in check.

“You're marrying the wrong person if you find it difficult to keep your ego in check around them. Relationships are compromise, and there are times that being kind is more important than being right. If this person brings out a combative, argumentative side of you, it's probably not going to get any better. If you're being defensive, there's probably a reason.” – Marissa Geraci, LMHC 

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