You’re Doing *This* Embarrassing Thing on Instagram (So Stop It)

You’re Doing *This* Embarrassing Thing on Instagram (So Stop It)

Everyone's onto you.

Guys, we've already tried to level with you: There are plenty of tricks guaranteed to get you more likes on Instagram... but not all come without the risk that you may become one of the worst types of travel people on the social media platform. Here's one more style of vacation photo — which you are probably already posting to your feed — that followers are getting way over, and fast.

The viral trend is known as the "plandid." That's a play on words combining "planned" and "candid" — and you know this shot. 

Celebs and influencers are pros at this style of pic, and pose hard as they gaze off at a cityscape or desert view with perfectly pouted lips, dress blowing in the wind, and a caption something like, "Aw thanks @mybff for taking this candid pic of me!" Ahem.

News flash: That picture isn't candid at all, and it probably required at least 20 takes to get it just so. 

One of the most classic plandids is the one in which the subject is "caught" looking down, as if totally unaware someone is taking photos of that bikini-clad body glistening in the sun.

Bella Hadid has it down.

Glow 🌅💛

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Although the term is new, the idea of the plandid is as old as the times of painting portraits. Mashable talked to professional photographer Ronald Timehin, who explained this style historically happened with models, who would be directed to stand and look a certain way to make the shot appear as "natural as possible." And now, in the age of social media, everyone wants to capture that style. (Just smiling into the camera is so '90s.)

He says that often social media types shoot on "burst" and take a "million" shots that are similar, in the quest to get the perfect one.

Celebs actually get the perfect plandids all the time with the help of paparazzi — and then they pilfer and post the best shots to their social media accounts.


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having so much fun at the @bumble #WinterBumbleland party, hosting with my sister #ad ❄🌴🐝

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Overall, if you're trying to get that perfect shot, without looking like you're trying... well, you should know that everyone knows you're trying.

Here's an idea: Love the look, but want to let your followers know you're in on the joke? Use the hashtag #plandid — and show you don't take yourself too seriously (no matter how cute and effortless you look).

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