Yuck! This Instagram Account Exposes Gross Airplane Behavior

Yuck! This Instagram Account Exposes Gross Airplane Behavior

Save it for the no-fly zone.

By Karen Gardiner

Recently a mile-high tweet from air passenger (and Boston Globe columnist) Dante Ramos went somewhat viral. Ramos posted a photograph of the ponytail belonging to the young lady seated in front of him flung over her seat, dangling over his seat-back screen and just about brushing his tray table.

So far the post has been shared more than 10,000 times, which nods to the widespread exasperation over the multitude indignities of modern-day air travel — and shamelessness of our fellow passengers. Each hit of the retweet button seems to say that not only do we share in his disgust but applaud Ramos for calling out this airborne nonsense.

And Ramos is far from the first to take the social media route. Instagram account Passenger Shaming, created by Shawn Kathleen, has been doing the dirty work of sharing examples of poor passenger etiquette (submitted anonymously by flight attendants) on her blog, Facebook page, and Instagram since 2013. Kathleen is a former flight attendant so she has been witness to more than her fair share of in-flight disgraces. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights — or, more accurately, the lowlights — of flying the unfriendly skies.

If only scissors were still allowed on board:

Have to admire the female passenger's cool handling of this one.

Think of this next time an attendant asks "fish or chicken?"

We're (maybe) never complaining about sweatpants again.

#PassengerShaming #travel

A photo posted by Passenger Shaming (@passengershaming) on

Guess someone didn't have time for pre-trip laundry...

...while this guy just decided he'd pack light.

Yes, that's a dirty diaper. In a seat pocket.

... which we guess is at least marginally better than ...Meet your seat's previous occupant.

No words.

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