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Arzo: I Let People Let Me Know Who They Are

Arzo gives her first impression of the other ladies and explains how she knows Melyssa. 

By Arzo Anwar How do you know Melyssa? Did you know any of the other ladies before the night of the play?
Arzo Anwar: Mel and I have known each other for a while now. I love Melyssa, and we are very dear friends. We met through a stylist friend of ours five years ago. I have dressed Melyssa a few times, and our friendship has been kismit ever since then. We both live in the financial district and are neighbors and go to each others' homes and watch Netflix and veg out. Melyssa is my scorpio sister, and we definitely have very strong personalities and have similar views on things. I had met Daisy about a year before when I threw Melyssa a birthday brunch, and I definitely hit it off with her. She is from LA and has that Cali vibe, and I thought she was super sweet. What was your impression of the ladies you didn’t know beforehand?
AA: I went in very open, as I do in any situation. I let people let me know who they are, so I didn't have any preliminary impressions except for the way they socialized with me personally--that's how I wanted to get to know them. I thought Mica was cool and drama all the way with her big poofy skirt. I thought Chantelle didn't make too much of an impression, but I noticed that she had a lonely little flower in her hand and was very self conscious. I thought Demetria was real cool and someone I wanted to get to know more, and I thought Geneva was being nice--a bit fake, though--and I left with the impression that she needed to read a geography book. What did you think of Melyssa’s play?
AA: I was really proud of my girl Mel. She worked so hard orchestrating a Broadway show, and I think it turned out fantastic. The venue was a bit hot, and I was totally caught off guard being pulled up on stage. I had no idea this was an interactive kind of play and that they pull people out of the audience to embarrass for a few mins...LOL, but it was all fun. It was also nice meeting her family and also seeing something come to fruition that she had spoken about for so long.

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