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Arzo: We All Have to Take Responsibility for Our Actions

Arzo reveals how she felt about Chantelle's "Afghan Hound" comment and why she thinks Geneva's fact sheet was hilarious. 

By Arzo Anwar What do your parents think about your career and living in New York now?

Arzo Anwar: My parents are wonderful people from a very traditional background who have raised their kids with all the love and protection in the world. Moving to NYC and working in fashion came as no surprise to them. I have been speaking and dreaming of it since the age of 9, but I don't think that's what they envisioned for me. In my parents' uppity minds, they saw me going to law school, getting at least my master’s degree, married to a good Muslim man, and to have children by now. My parents have been married for over 40 years and have been together since the ages of 16 and 18. They don't understand me living in NYC, single, hustling, and sometimes struggling to make my dreams come true. In their culture, a woman is taken care of by her man and stays home and takes care of the family...she isn't a go-getter, business woman, and out working, and definitely  not living 3000 miles away from home. What was your initial reaction to Geneva’s fact sheets?

AA: LMFAO! It’s hilarious and always will be...I think she is embarrassed by the whole thing but is continuing to fight and struggle over something that should be dropped. Let's face it, racism is real, and it’s a tragedy, but Geneva got arrested for refusing to pay her cab bill that she felt she was overcharged for. You can't equate that with Trayvon Martin. We all have to take responsibility for our own actions.

Geneva and Her Fact Sheet Do you believe Chantelle's explanation about “Afghan Hound” being about your face, not your race?

AA: I think Chantelle has nerve to speak on others' looks when she should really be checking her own reflection in the mirror. I'm sure she wakes up every morning thanking god for inventing makeup and weaves. Furthermore, I think she is a bigot, and she can't think she can insult everyone’s intelligence with her lame cop-out of an excuse that it wasn't an ethnic slur. Puhlease, beeyatch.

Did Chantelle Cross the Line With This Comment?

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