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Daisy: More Prayer, More Power

Daisy discusses the importance of the prayer vigil and why even she was surprised to reveal her buzzcut. 

By Daisy Lewellyn What has it been like to watch your parents watch you, their daughter, go through cancer treatment?
Daisy Lewellyn: It has definitely been very hard. I have the best parents a girl could ever ask for. They have supported me from day one from everything from starting the Clueless Club when I was in high school to buying my first car at 16, to moving back and forth to NYC (sometimes with only a week notice). So to see them support me, but through something very sad, it breaks my heart. It also makes me thank God even more every day for giving me the ultimate set of parents. They have always been my #1 cheerleaders. My mother is the most responsible and loving lady, and my dad is the ultimate spiritual leader--he's my hero. Being diagnosed with The Big C, cancer has brought my family together in love and unity. Were you nervous at all to take off your wig for all to see?
DL: I had no idea that was going to happen, but I am really happy that it did. Although I la la love my wigs and am a beauty girl all day all day, like Kanye says, at the end of the day, hair is just hair. No matter if your hair has fallen out or if you just bought a couple of new bundles of Malaysian Wavy from True Indian Hair, what defines you is your spirit and soul, not the way that you look. That was my FIRST time EVER showing someone besides my hairstylist Shedelle Holmes my hair loss. But once I took it off to show my mom that I was a Buzzcut Babe, I felt free. A lot of people have been telling me to wear my buzz cut. I'm flattered, but I am a sucker for my blonde wigs LOL.

Daisy Is a Buzzcut Babe Why was it important to you to have a prayer vigil?
DL: Prayer is our conversation with God. God created me, so I thought let me bring the girls together to have a good talk with the ultimate It Designer above, God. There had been a lot of unfortunate things going on with the girls, and, quite frankly, it was upsetting to me. I didn't like seeing Arzo and Chantelle have those ongoing verbal fights or hearing that everyone seemed to be feeling really hurt about what others said about them. Through the darkness, the light will always shine. I wanted to bring some light and energy to a troubled situation. I chose the flower shop Ovando, because it set the atmosphere for colorful love. I want the girls to look at me, someone literally fighting for her life. Pray for me while I am here and decide to be the light in another person's life, not darkness. I really believe...More prayer, more power.

Prayers for Daisy

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