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S1 - E1

Coming to America

French-born and currently residing in London, Chef Novelli – along with his executive chef, Steven Kitchen, and pregnant fiancée, Michelle – comes to Los Angeles to establish his first American based culinary academy, which is renowned across Europe. The first order of business is for Chef Novelli and Mr. Kitchen to interview and screen potential students. As part of the admissions process, the hopeful students are asked to perform a simple, yet surprisingly nerve-racking task: cook an egg, any way they want. Ultimately, nine students are chosen to participate in Chef Novelli's prestigious American culinary venture, and on the first day of class they are asked to create what they would consider their "signature dish." While this is only the first practice test for the students, Chef Novelli reminds everyone that failing three of the tests is grounds for automatic dismissal from his academy.
Aired: 11/16/2009