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S1 - E2

Just Desserts

As an introduction into the culinary world, each of Chef Novelli's students is presented with the honor of their very own embroidered chef jacket. Chef Novelli then gets down to business, teaching his students their first lesson on desserts. For their test, the students must recreate one of the desserts demonstrated by Chef Novelli. If the student passes, they are granted permission to attend the open house party at the academy. If they fail, they are asked to leave and only have two more chances to hold their spot at the esteemed Novelli Academy.Chef Novelli also takes his students to a local farmer's market to inspire them on the fine art of purchasing fresh produce. After a few days together in the kitchen, the students begin to get to know one another and obvious friendships are formed.  At the same time, one student's hidden past is revealed and it shocks his fellow classmates.
Aired: 11/23/2009