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S1 - E6

Squid Pro Quo

Chef Novelli arranges for the students to take a field trip to Long Beach to go out on a fishing boat and learn how to catch fresh fish. Unbeknownst to Novelli, two of the students have issues with boats, and one refuses to go on the trip in exchange for cleaning and performing undesirable tasks back at the Academy. The remaining students enjoy a day in the sun and are treated to a lesson in fresh caught seafood preparation and cooking aboard the boat. After returning to the Academy, the students are given a lesson in other seafood dishes such as scallops and squid. However, more drama is on the horizon when one of the students discovers she is allergic to squid and has to have a doctor called into to combat the allergic reaction. The students are then split into three groups, each group preparing the same dish (fish casserole, scallops, or squid) and the best dish of the group is named Chef Du Jour. Some of the students are walking a fine line with at least two fails already under their belt.
Aired: 01/04/2010