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S1 - E8

Too Many Cooks

The mood at the Novelli Academy is somber in the aftermath of one student leaving after failing three tests. But there is no time to dwell because Chef Novelli has announced that as their final, the students will collectively prepare a gala dinner for local esteemed chefs and other VIPs. Chef Novelli chooses one of his students to be the head chef for the gala dinner. In an attempt to complete some of the more arduous tasks prior to the dinner, the students gather the night before the gala for prep work. However, two students have a problem with their assigned dish thus the entire class falls behind. With graduation at stake, tensions arise between two students in particular, and everyone is worried about the final outcome of the dinner, especially the head chef. The result of this meal will determine who graduates, and who does not.
Aired: 01/11/2010