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Roble Ali

Roble: What's the Rush?

Roble Ali explains why he wasn't worried about timing at Tyson's Chandler's birthday dinner.

Go, Team!

Roble expresses his pride over Nick Roldan's Hamptons event.


Roblé thanks his fans (and his final clients) for making this a season to remember.

Here's Why

Roblé explains why he decided to serve meat to the pescatarians.


Chef Roblé Ali discusses the dramatics of this week's episode and what you shouldn't call Artie.

Pay for Play

Chef Roblé Ali explains that if a client wants to spend $25K on a dog wedding, it's their choice.

You Are Correct Sir

Chef Roblé Ali gives major props to his girlfriend Ayan for saving the day by working as a server.

The Sweet Spot

Roblé gives us the truth about his sweet tooth or lack thereof.