Writer's Block

Writer's Block

Kim was extremely nervous about writing her own vows.

I loved the beginning of this episode with KJ and I! How precious is he? He knew I was stressed so he leans over and hugs and kisses me. Doesn't get any better than that. He is truly such a gentle soul.

OK lets get right into it! My uncle John has been a HUGE part of my life since I was very little, and sadly a few years back he was VERY sick, in fact I was told he wouldn't make it through the night. So I packed my girls and drove like a bat outta hell to South Carolina to see him, I kicked everyone out of the ICU room he was in and had a heart to heart with him. He wasn't really coherent however when I said to him, "You lied to me and said you wouldn't leave me on this planet without a perfect husband and father for my girls." But then the tears streamed down his face! It was turning point for him, his blood pressure increased, he quickly turned the corner and thankfully by the grace of God he is still with us. So I knew when I did get married that he too would walk me down the aisle with my dad. I asked my dad if he would mind, and of course my dad understood. I was so excited to ask my uncle, I could hardly contain myself!

Coy Wire played in the NFL for 9 years and is now a motivational speaker and has a book out called Change Your Mind. He is an amazing person with such positive energy! When Kroy and I first met and started dating, there weren't a whole lot of people that supported us, but Coy always did. I knew when Kroy asked me to marry him that Coy would be the perfect person for us to officiate our marriage.When Kroy said he was writing his own vows, my heart began to race. All these thoughts ran through my mind:

1. I am not sure if I will even be able to utter "I do" let alone try to profess my love for my husband in front of 200 people.

2. It will take all day to say my vows, because the man I am about to marry is just that f-ckin incredible.

3) I only have 30 days to get it together!

"I can do this," I just kept telling myself...and I did!

Show Highlight
Making Kim's Va-jay-jay Dance
Derek J....Gotta love him. I was so thankful he went to look at porta-potties with me. Eeew! But I couldn't imagine 200 plus people trying to use our bathrooms at the same time, so why not have multiple potties outside?
Heading Off the Potty Emergencies

I wanted my mom to feel just as beautiful as I felt on my wedding day, so I had Shun my stylist come over and bring her some options. I was still very hurt by her text message saying she was going to be sick on my wedding day, but I knew this was a great time to talk about it and hopefully move on. As you saw it didn't really go that way, and you will see in the coming episodes that it not only didn't help, but probably made things worse.

At Least Mom Showed Up This Time
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Until next week!

Where's the Matron of Honor?
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