Training Day

Training Day

Kroy was proud of Kim for trying to lose weight the old fashioned way for once.

What an exciting two episodes to start things off. I know that you guys haven't really gotten to know me all that much on RHOA, and for my football fans this is also a different side. This is the husband/father side and what really goes on when I leave the field. Football will always be my priority, second to my wife and children, however I am supportive of my wife and her career and was excited to capture all the moments leading up to our special day on camera.

Getting married in the middle of football season is far from ideal, however with Kim as my future bride and knowing her spirituality and the meaning of 11/11/11, I couldn't agree more. She did an AMAZING job, allowing me to continue to focus on my career while she planned the wedding asking my input on important things or things she knew I wanted to be involved in.

With Kim and I trying to decide where our special day would be, my first reaction to her saying she wanted a small wedding was what better place than Montana, where I was born and raised. For those of you have been there, you know the magnificent scenery and beauty that could make a wedding spectacular, but for Kim, who has never been to Montana, it was hard for her to imagine. I realistically could never gone there anyway due to my football schedule, so what better place than our home!

Trying to Get a Motlanta Wedding
Meeting Colin Cowie for the first time was an interesting experience. I have never been introduced to a wedding/party planner, and I wasn't really sure how he could take our vision and implement it in just eight weeks (or within my budget).

Kim wants everything perfect, and you can see the tension start to build between her mom and her from the beginning. As I told Kim, this is our day and don't let anyone stress you out or convince you to do something you don't want to do. We’re only doing this once!

Knowing that Kim wanted to lose those few pounds (she THOUGHT she needed to lose), I suggested she use my personal trainer, Jim. I laughed watching the scene with her and Jen, I wasn't surprised, these two are ALWAYS clowning around and having a good time. Kim wants instant results and unfortunately those don’t happen overnight when you are using weights, but I definitely commend Kim for her determination and trying something different from the local plastic surgeon that can run a laser over her thighs and instantly thin them (or so they say).

Show Highlight
Wigs and Balls
Kim was so stressed about leaving KJ. It took a lot of convincing on my part for her to understand that this is a once in a lifetime event, and Atlanta does not have the dress of her dreams. I didn't want Kim looking back and thinking she had missed a piece that was very important to her. I wanted Kim to have no regrets about anything. The only reason Kim went was because she knew I would be home with KJ, and she planned it so the following day was my day off. I spent every minute I have with my girls, so them being gone wasn't my idea of fun either. It was just me and my little man, which means a very quiet house, something I am not used to. Kim called me from NYC and told me she found the perfect dress, just like I knew she would. One more thing down, 600 more things to go.

I’m looking forward to watching this season with you guys and I greatly appreciate the positive support for us. Follow me on Twitter @biermann71 or check out my website for updates at

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