About the Show

Kroy is determined to take his tight-knit family on the trip of a lifetime through the United States, which doesn’t quite please Kim and the girls as they are left wondering how their crazy family of eight will survive an entire summer in an RV. Will they be able to handle this adventure, or will it be a major failure?

There is no shortage of drama (and wine) for Kim as the Biermann family is tested with this new lifestyle on the road. From countless RV mechanical issues to haunted houses in the Midwest, the summer will prove there is nothing they can’t handle.

Brielle and Ariana are closer and more similar than ever. As Ariana prepares to leave for college, Brielle tries to convince her to stay close to home.

The youngest Biermanns—Kaia, Kane, Kash, and KJ—couldn’t be more excited for this experience to create new memories that will last forever.

Chef Tracey joins the crew for part of the summer to try keeping the family sane and fed!