Why Kim Won't Take Lana Out Again

Why Kim Won't Take Lana Out Again

Find out what went down after they left the bar.

Bravotv.com: Why were you so eager to set Lana up with a man?
Kim Zolciak: Lana has a really big heart and would love to have children of her own someday. She is almost 37 years old, so I figured I would help her out. Everyone needs companionship, and I want Lana happy. She spends a lot of time with us, so she doesn't get much time to go out and mingle.

“Let’s Get Lana a Man!”

Bravotv.com: Has Jen been enjoying motherhood?
KZ: Jen is over the moon with Lilly! She is such a good baby! I have never seen Jen this happy in 15 years. Kane has a little girlfriend now! Bravotv.com: Does Jen still call you with questions all the time? 
KZ: The first couple of weeks after Lilly was born she had a lot of questions, but not so much anymore. She has motherhood down pat. 

Bravotv.com: What was Lana's biggest mistake at the bar? Have you tried taking Lana out to meet men again?
KZ: Lana should not have been drinking shots while trying to meet men! I had already told her that before we left the house! She let her guard down. But we all had a blast! We have not taken Lana out since that night, because she threw up all over my car -- she didn't even try to make it out the window! Sweetie and I had to bathe Lana as soon as we got home, and we tucked her into one of my beds. She spent the night at my house and woke up feeling terrible, so no more wild nights out with the Biermanns, LOL! 

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