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One Door Closes, Another One Opens

S6/EP7 |
Aired: November 3, 2017
Kroy calls foul on Brielle's plan to move in with Michael. Ariana's quest for freedom kicks into full gear as she pursues her learner's permit. And the family goes on a furniture shopping spree as part of Tracey's home makeover. 21:50

Brielle Throws a Curveball

S6/EP6 |
Aired: October 27, 2017
Kim can't cope with Chef Tracey's feline roommates during a hilarious home makeover. Ariana learns the perils of parallel parking. Brielle tries to convince Kim and Kroy that she should move in with her big-league boyfriend. 21:50

How To Baseball

S6/EP5 |
Aired: October 20, 2017
Kroy dishes out more discipline to Ariana. Brielle is determined to learn "how to baseball" to impress her Major League-bound boyfriend. Kim and Kroy play private investigator and tail Tracey's home, only to discover why they've never been invited. 21:50

Wigs, Lies, and Videotape

S6/EP4 |
Aired: October 13, 2017
Brielle's baseball beau keeps asking her to move in with him, making her wonder if it's time to finally flee the Biermann coop. Meanwhile, Kim and Kroy grow wary of Tracey's white lies, putting her outrageous stories to the test with a polygraph. 21:50

Pigeons, Piazzas, Proposal

S6/EP3 |
Aired: October 13, 2017
Kim, Kroy, and the "originals" are through with business, and now it's all pleasure in Italy. Next stop – Venice! Brielle and Ariana joy ride the canals, while Kim attempts to propose a vow renewal to Kroy… on a wobbly gondola. 21:50

Mi Chiamo Kim

S6/EP2 |
Aired: October 6, 2017
The Biermanns are finally on Italian soil and set out to broaden their European horizons. Kim arrives at Cosmoprof in search of the latest and greatest packaging for her skincare line. Kim plans a vow renewal proposal for Kroy. 21:50

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