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Jorge Perez talks about Lindsay Lohan's photo shoot and how he sells Markus and Indrani.

This much-anticipated episode with Lindsay Lohan has definitely gotten a lot of attention. The reality of the situation is that yes there was a delay, but what’s really important here is how amazing the collaboration between Markus, Indrani, and Lindsay was. In my opinion the images from this shoot are some of the most incredible images they have ever created.   
The 6126 photo shot came out beautifully! And the art speaks for itself. Lindsay was great at giving 100% of her electric, passionate energy. Our goal was to make her and her brand look like a star. I know a lot of people are focusing on the negative aspects of the situation, but that will all change after they see Episode 3. Lindsay was hilarious on set.  he was so real and entertaining. It was probably the most intimate shoot that I have ever been to where we all just had a blast. Throughout this shoot I was mainly making sure that we all stayed on schedule and that she had the necessary support to make the shoot INCREDIBLE. At the beginning of the shoot Markus and Indrani were having a hard time agreeing on what setups to do. I finally had to step in the middle and remind them that we only had Lindsay for a limited amount of time and that we needed to get going. Indrani got mad at me at one point and told me to be quiet (which has never happened before). Luckily they got their groove ready in order (which they always do, eventually) and Lindsay didn’t even notice.  
At this point I haven’t talked to Lindsay since Episode 2 aired and I hope that all the media stuff hasn’t ruined our friendship. We all had the best intentions to make her look incredible, which we did. 
The second part of this episode is focused around a fashion story with Mark Vanderloo and Alex Lundqvist for OUT magazine. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see Markus shooting men. Most of their work focuses around beautiful iconic women and given the fact that Markus is obsessed with “hot girls.” I was curious to see how Markus would shoot men for a gay publication. When I look for jobs for Markus and Indrani I always have to send a client a range of subjects, it always helps their possibility of getting the job if I show a good range of men and women subjects. Markus and Indrani shoot a lot of women and sometimes I lack of men to show. This shoot went great and Aaron Hicklin (editor and chief of OUT magazine and a good friend) was really happy with the results. It was so great to have Mark and Alex as the models for the shoot; these guys are legendary male supermodels and it was amazing watching them at work. I loved how Indrani was such a flirt with the male models. Markus is usually the one professing his obsession for “hot girls,” it was hilarious Indrani being boy crazy. Speaking of Indrani and boys, this episode dives 100% into Indrani’s love life. Much has been speculated about Indrani’s personal life. I love that on this episode you get to see something about Indrani’s personal life that you would have never guessed. Make sure you watch….

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