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Help Me Help You

Markus and Indrani's agent takes the viewer behind the scenes of the series premiere.

I love being Markus’ and Indrani’s agent. I really feel like I am a father and my two kids just hit their first home run in Little League. Working with them is always the most rewarding and dangerous adventure. My Indrani is a beauty with the love of a saint and the strength of a tiger and my Markus is a dreamer and a fighter with so much comedy in him, he should really think about doing stand-up.

Setting up the Eve shoot in N.Y. was really difficult because I was in the middle of traveling back to L.A. to be set up a million other shoots for Markus and Indrani. I always deal with setting up the studio, take care of talent, lock in hair and makeup and all of the other general logistics. Once that’s done, I always try to be on set and produce the shoot. I wasn’t able to be there on the Eve shoot (and of course it turned into havoc). The problem happened when Eve decided to bring her own photographer on set. In my opinion it wasn’t Markus and Indrani’s fault. But, alas they managed to work everything out … which we always do.

Back in L.A. I got caught in the middle of a fight between Markus and Indrani … in bed.  Indrani got the smaller room at the SLS hotel and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Unfortunately Markus sometimes gets more attention and special treatment than Indrani (which is probably because he is 6’4'' and looks like Bruno haha). During this argument I definitely took Indrani’s side, and I was trying to make Markus take responsibility — he needs to position Indrani more front and center. Indrani is my princess, and I always feel very protective of her. She is just so little and so gorgeous; she’s my baby. At the end of the fight, Markus ended up walking out of the hotel room and Indrani and I had a long conversation about how we can all take steps into keeping everything more balanced between the both of them.… We shall see throughout the season if those steps will really work.

The day after the fight they had another photo shoot in L.A. at the famous Ennis House for fashion designer called Kai Kuhne. Everything was sooo last minute that I was literally booking the hair and makeup stylist that morning. Luckily my friend Jen Atkin was able to do me a favor and do the hair that day. Everything was going great at the shoot so I decided that it was OK for me to leave. Of course, I should have waited a little bit. Turns out the model that I booked for the job was scared of heights. I left the shoot to catch a flight for Vegas for another job. The minute I landed in Vegas I got a hysterical call from the model agent telling me that my photographers are trying to kill his model! I told him to calm down and I called Markus.  Markus picked up and said he couldn’t talk and that he only had “two seconds of light” (this was said in probably the highest pitched voice in the world). At the end of the day, the model got on the ledge like she was supposed to and they got the perfect shot.

This show will take the audience through everything we go through in setting up and executing the most amazing photo shoots. I am so excited that the viewer will be with us through this process every step of the way. Welcome to possibly the best and most revealing show you will ever see. All I have to say is three words: Lindsay and Gaga.

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