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Keeping it Tame

Jorge Perez explains his role in this week's steamy photo shoot.

I constantly have to divide my duties between taking care of my photographers on-set (produce the jobs) and also being at the office soliciting new business for them.  When I feel that a job is pretty corporate and straightforward I usually make a cameo on set and then leave, but definitely on Episode 2 this was not the case…at all.

Luis Barajas, editor-in-chief of Flaunt magazine, just wanted sex, sex, and more sex flying of the page for his editorial story for Flaunt. At first, this shoot was supposed to happen with Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl and Jessica Stroup from 90210. But, Ed had to cancel because of scheduling conflicts. Armie Hammer took his place instead, and although he only had an arc on Gossip Girl, he definitely fit the perfect bill to do a sexy shoot with Jessica. 

Once we started to shoot, things were getting steamy really fast. I had worked with Jessica Stroup’s publicist in the past, and she has always been a sweetheart and very professional.  Even though the publicist was being sweet, she was definitely having an issue with the raciness of the images. In fact, after a super sexual and sensual shot at the diner of the hotel, she asked for my help so that I can speak to Markus and Indrani about making the next shot more tame. As an alternative, I suggested for the shot to be about “the moment after something sexual happened.” Markus and Indrani loved the idea and then executed a really sensual and suggestive, but very PG-13 shot. That whole day I stayed on set to not only take care of Markus and Indrani, but to also take care of the publicist and talent. Jessica Stroup and Armie Hammer were incredible, and the images speak for themselves. 

Right after this shoot we went straight into another one for Dita Von Teese’s book. Dita is such a perfectionist, and she is also very beautiful and strange-looking, sort of like a black widow.  What’s really cool about the shoot with her is that the viewer will get to see how funny and normal she really is.  After the Dita shoot we all went to NY to shoot Lindsay Lohan. Shooting Lindsay is never boring, to say the least.  Lindsay and I were talking about what projects to work together next, and she suggested for us to shoot her 6126 leggings campaign. Lindsay is actually a really talented designer and created a leggings line called 6126, which the numbers stands for the day Marilyn Monroe was born (one of Lindsay’s idols). I have bought some of these leggings as gifts for girlfriends and all of them love them. You can order them on:  

When Lindsay is in front of the camera, something incredible happens; some people compare her energy power to Madonna and Courtney Love on stage. She is just so electric and such an amazing model.  Lindsay is also very fast in front of the camera and could give you about 7 different looks-shots in 35 minutes.  She is a passionate artist who marches to her own beat.  The reality is that she has been extremely supportive to us, and we want to support her as well. The media often takes jabs at her, but I believe in her, and I too agree with Indrani when she said that: “Lindsay one day will conquer the world.”

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